Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Post Office is located at Jalan Medan Merdeka Square. Construction began in 1909 and completed in
1911. This building is the first major project undertaken by Snuyf, an architect who has become head of the Civil Public Works to Indonesia. Due to the rapid growth of the Dutch East Indies government, there is a need for new buildings for various government services, such as schools, prisons and post office. Most of these buildings should be completed within a very short time because of the standardization of the design. This design is known as the 'normal architecture', but the variation is allowed. The post office is an example of this type of architecture. Although the phrase normal, post office design is anything but predictable. Cor Passchier Architects wrote the following about his work Snuyf, "The post office is a building that shows free search for new designs. At the post office counters located in the circular hall with a dome. Dome is decorated with tableaus of pigeons. The front of the building is divided in a typical traditional Dutch architecture.

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