Saturday, July 7, 2012

 Tari Tor Tor

Tor Tor is a traditional dance Batak.dan Interest rates came from North Sumatra Batak of course, although the Batak still go to other countries wrote their origin from Medan as well ^ _ ^

Following the dance tor tor:

These dance moves in rhythm with the music (magondangi) played using traditional instruments such as gondang, flute, trumpet Batak, and others.
Historically, dance tor tor used in rituals associated with spirits. Spirit is invoked and "go" to the statues of stone (a symbol of the ancestors).
The statues were then moves like dancing, but with a rigid motion. The movement is a movement of the foot (toe-toe) and hand movements.

Tor tor various types of dance.

Some are called tor tor Pangurason (cleansing dance). This dance is usually held at the big party. before party starts, place and location of the party first cleaned by using lime so far from any dangerous thing.after that tor tor Sipitu cup (Dance of the seven bowls). This dance is usually held during the inauguration of a king.
This dance is also derived from the seven daughters of heaven to bathe in a lake at the top of the mountain by an incoming pusuk Buhit sipitu sasarung piso (seven knife sheath).
Finally, there is a single Panaluan tor tor which is a cultural ritual. Usually held when a disaster-stricken village.
Single panaluan danced by the shaman to guide the solution to resolve the issue. For a single rod is a combination of supernatural powers panaluan Debata Natolu above the continent, the continent was, and the Continent.

In the past, this dance is also performed for ceremonies when a parent or family member died. Now, tor tor dance is usually only used to welcome tourists.

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