Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Durian is a fruit typical of North Sumatra / field. Skin was prickly and hard, it takes a considerable effort to open the skin of this fruit

It was also in accordance with our efforts to serve targeted split durian tastes good and addictive ^ _ ^

The fruit is sold at the intersection of many streets juntion street, the durian season, everyone would sign with the distinctive smell and the fields are always stopping to sample and buy it.

Not everyone likes the smell of durian some people to hold my nose, but those that actually breathe in the smell of durian is,

Strangely enough, but that's ......
For me anyway the smell of durian does make sense to eat durian I always buy at least 3 take-home and eat at home.way to split up this fruit is the Bud split part of a cross with a knife earlier in the stretch to cross under,and careful hands of prickly subject Bro ^ _ ^.

Well after that eat that and fill the taste of great durian, its sweet and addictive

see the picture that have not entered the mouth still see it, if you go into how it feels nyam . nyumii yum yum ... ^_^

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  1. bhs ingnya susah dimengerti kaka D:

  2. di translate aja ,sebelah kiri atas kan ada menu translate bahasa ^__^